Monday, February 19, 2018

Workplace bullying negatively impacts readiness - WHIO

Workplace bullying can manifest itself in many ways in any workplace. Left unchecked, bullying can have a negative impact on the readiness of an organization. Being aware of what workplace bullying looks or sounds like is important for workers and management to understand to maintain a healthy organizational climate.

CSA Is Giving Actors With Disabilities Their Due - BACKSTAGE

On Jan. 7, the Casting Society of America produced an open call for actors with disabilities. Roughly 750 people came in and were seen by 50 casting directors and associates in 16 cities across the country. I was lucky enough to participate in this monumental undertaking. We were overwhelmed with the sheer talent.

Resident advocates for an accessible city - DAILY HERALD TRIBUNE

A request to make the city more accessible was discussed at a Community Living Committee meeting Tuesday morning. 

Chris Bruce spoke to the committee reflecting on his own experience about the mobility difficulties around town in a wheelchair. 

How public-private partnerships can empower New Yorkers with disabilities - CRAIN'S NEW YORK BUSINESS

It’s no secret that the de Blasio administration is striving to make New York the fairest big city in America. Working with partners in the business, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, we’ve made significant gains over the past four years for vulnerable youth, immigrants, people with mental illness and more—and certainly, we are proud of this progress. Yet there are approximately 1 million New Yorkers who remain on the margins of economic and social prosperity.

Craft brewers seek to involve more African Americans - USA TODAY

Craft beer's taste-makers historically have been mostly white and male.

But that's starting to change for the growing niche within the $107.6 billion U.S. beer industry. As the number of independent breweries has grown to more than 5,300 — double the number operating in 2012 — more African Americans have gotten involved in the craft beer business.

'Passionate' about Black History Month, Lakehead University student organizes event - CBC

The student organizer of a Black History Month presentation Friday evening at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ont., says as a future teacher she is 'passionate' about making people more aware of the subject.

When can you ask for an employee’s medical information? - HRM CANADA

When it comes to requesting medical information from employees, HR needs to tread carefully. Walking the line between respecting the worker’s privacy and obtaining the needed documentation is tough; but there are certain guidelines that, if followed, should make the experience less harrowing.